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Dr. Dr. Valentin S. Schäfer

Leiter Sektion Rheumatologie und klinische Immunologie /
Sprecher des Zentrums für seltene rheumatologische Erkrankungen

Valentin S.Schäfer, M.D., is a consultant and serves as Head of the Department of Rheumatology and Clinical Immunology at the Clinic of Internal Medicine III at the University Hospital Bonn in Germany. Dr.Schäfer also serves as Head of the Ultrasound Diagnostic Unit and as Speaker of the Center for Rare Rheumatological Diseases. He holds the academic rank of an Associate Professor of Internal Medicine at the Medical Faculty of the University Bonn, Germany.

His clinical focus includes:

  • Expertise in evaluation and management of all forms of vasculitis (e.g. giant cell arteritis, Takayasu arteritis, ANCA-associated vasculitis)
  • Complex coordination of care with other specialists focusing on the care of patients with vasculitis and other rheumatic diseases
  • Promoting each patient’s understanding of disease and empowering patients to become partners in managing their health

In addition to his clinical activities, Dr. Schäfer is active in vasculitis research; he authors expert content and published in high-impact scientific journals. Dr. Schäfer is also active in education, providing mentorship to residents and fellows.